Our goal is to empower companies to take control of and obtain value from an effective risk operating model.

Biro Consulting, LLC is a risk management advisory and consulting services partner specializing in the development of enterprise-level information technology and security risk management programs.

We provide guidance to businesses, enabling them to make decisions on how to identify, prioritize, structure, and integrate their IT and Security Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance efforts. We partner with organizations to develop a solution tailored to their culture and maturity. If you would like to learn more about our offerings or engage with us, email us at info@biroconsulting.com.

Founder Evelin Biro spent nearly 20 years with Fortune 10 organizations, gaining extensive practical experience in risk management functions and international, multi-cultural program leadership.

As a practitioner and as a consultant, Ms. Biro developed, operationalized, and led governance, risk management, compliance, and data privacy programs for organizations in financial, retail, utility, insurance, and manufacturing industries.

Today, Evelin works with diverse organizations, enabling them to identify, assess, and action their own risks in a strategic, business-relevant context.

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