Biro Consulting will help you set the tone and direction for informed risk management that complements your business’ vision, culture, and organizational environment.

Biro Consulting, LLC

Integrate, Understand, and Manage Your Risks

We harness the value of people, processes, and technology to drive companies forward and empower them to meet future challenges with an agile and effective risk-operating model.

Integrate the outcomes.

Integrate findings from your risk management functions, not functions themselves.

Understand the context.

Understand risks holistically; consider losses and opportunities within your organizational ecosystem.

Manage the outlook.

Manage risks through clear accountability and meaningful resilience-building measures.

Strategic Integration

We focus our professional efforts on opportunity risk management, adaptive governance, and pragmatic compliance to lead organizations to achieve principled performance.

Value Creation

With a risk-based, integrated approach that goes beyond being the keeper of secrets or guardian at the gate, we will help you achieve significant improvement in the maturity of your risk culture.

Value of Informed Risk-Taking

Obtain an in-depth evaluation of your risk-operating model.

Gaining visibility and control of risks is critical for organizations. In order to stay relevant in today’s complex and changing business and social atmosphere, you must proactively manage your risk environment. With a holistic and integrated approach to risk and opportunity management, we will set the tone and direction of your company’s risk management operating model. We will enable resilience and thriving risk culture where risk-informed decision making will advantageously exploit future forces of disruption.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.”

-Sun Tzu

The common assumption that employees know what executive management thinks is unrealistic. We assist organizations with bridging the gap between intent and execution, focusing workforce on alignment with strategy.

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

-Sun Tzu

Management of risk by our collective moral compass will yield 360 degrees of circumstances. We help organizations identify and understand their appetite and tolerance for risk in a manner that balances the need for growth with the need for protection.

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